Published Work

Sea of Faces

A creative non-fiction piece about the brother I never met. Published in The PROWlers: A Professional Writing Anthology (2013).

Game Time: Can your team’s safety strategy go the distance?

An article on how combining defensive and offensive approaches to measuring safety can prevent workplace incidents.

Rutherford Manor

Digital and TV Series

Working with the creative team at Rutherford Manor, I have co-written scripts for a 12-episode horror mini series and a full multi-season television series.

Graphic Novel

Co-written with Jordan Lesko and illustrated by Atagun Ilhan, we brought the deranged inhabitants of Rutherford Manor to life again in graphic novel form.

Crazy (Web Series)

From 2013-2014, for my final year of University, I wrote, directed, produced, edited, and marketed an 8-episode web series created for YouTube. While I’ve since learned quite a lot about video production (mostly that camera work is not my strong suit), I’m still proud of the screenwriting I did for this project.


In 2021, I joined the remarkable cast of Massive Damage Adventures, a one-shot, actual-play, roleplaying game podcast on Spotify. I have been featured as both a player and a guest Game Master.


Game Master

Unfortunately, much of what I’ve worked on for video games is under NDA. Please contact me directly for examples.